Aki no Gassuku 2021

Autumn Budo seminar: Aikido – Jodo – Iaido

1-3 October 2021, Tenuta “La Selva dei Colli”, Mosciano Sant’Angelo (TE), Italy

with R. Iannelli, D. Romanazzi, M.R. Valluzzi

SMR Jodo in Danzica (PL)

Maria Rosa Valluzzi

Go-mokuroku, Chuden FEJ

Danzica (PL)

10-12 December 2021

Seminar of Shodo & SMR Jodo


M.R Valluzzi

Bari (Italy), 17-19 December 2021

Sei-to-Do Aikido Dojo Bari

Info: https://fb.me/e/1lRnOYAmm?ti=wa

Les Iles seminar 2022

Multidisciplinary seminar : Jodo - Iaido - Aikido

with G. Tache, D. Boetti, D. Romanazzi

and atelier of Japonaise calligraphy

with M.R. Valluzzi and  M. & J. Ponsot

26-29 May 2022, Les Iles des Lerins (Cannes, France)

Italian Budo Seminar 2022

Intensive seminar of Budo and Japanese calligraphy

with L. Trainelli, D. Romanazzi, M.R. Valluzzi              

Scheggia (PG), 14-17 Luglio 2022


Registrations open! (see flyer)

La Colle Aikido/Iaido/Jodo seminar

La Colle sur Loup (France)

21-27 August 2022

An intensive week of pratice with qualified Aikido/Iaido/Jodo teachers.

Do not miss it! 

Muso Shin Den Ryu Iaido / Kenjutsu seminar
Iaido/Kenjutsu  •  J.M.. Spothelfer
S. Pietro di Stra (Ve)  •  June 04 - 05, 2022


Saturday 10.00-12.30 / 15.00-17.30

Sunday 9.30-12.30

Pre-registration mandatory at https://forms.gle/W6TFrQhwT37PEt4p9

(see flyer for details)


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Doka # 91
The real Art of Peace is not to sacrifice a single one of your warriors to defeat an enemy. Vanquish your foes by always keeping yourself in a safe and unassailable position; then no one will suffer any losses. The Way of a Warrior, the Art of Politics, is to stop trouble before it starts. It consists in defeating your adversaries spiritually by making them realize the folly of their actions. The Way of a Warrior is to establish harmony.

Ōsensei Morihei Ueshiba
(I canti della Via)
Visits since May 25, 2010
Aikido Jodo Iaido Shodo
Shintō Musō Ryū Jōdō - The Way of the Stick
Jōdō originated from the school of the mean stuff (jōjutsu) Shintō Musō Ryū founded by Musō Gonnosuke in the XVII Century. He created a very effective combat system against an opponent bearing a sword, based on 64 kata, where the jō contrast attacks from the long (ōdachi) or the short (kodachi) sword, or from both simultaneously (nito). The practice includes a progression both on the use of the stick and of the sword (kenjutsu) through the basic position and movements (kihon), the combined exercise of facing weapons (sotai), to achieve the mastering of the combat forms (kata) of the schools. It is astonishing how the simplicity of the jō can be used as defensive weapons against a more potential offensive one as the sword; successful strategy is based on the optimal timing and space entering, and the control of the vital points of the opponent. The school extended his curriculum in the centuries to the defence against sword attacks of the short stick (tanjō), the chained sickle (kusarigama), the iron club (jūtte) and the rope to tie (hojō).
For more information: European Jōdō Federation
Ichitaro Kuroda Sensei (..-2000) and Takaji Shimizu Sensei (1896-1978)