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Doka # 93
In your training do not be in a hurry, for it takes a minimum of ten years to master the basics and advance to the first rung. Never think of yourself as an all-knowing, perfected master; you must continue to train daily with your friends and students and progress together in the Art of Peace.

Ōsensei Morihei Ueshiba
(I canti della Via)
Visits since May 25, 2010
Aikido Jodo Iaido Shodo
Maria Rosa Valluzzi
IV Dan Aikidō Aikikai So Hombu
III Dan Shintō Musō Ryū Jōdō, Sho-mokuroku, Shoden FEJ
IV Dan Musō Shinden Ryū Iaidō, Chūden FEI
JunX Dan Shodō Tōka Shoin Japan
Maria Rosa Valluzzi approached Aikidō in 1993 while she was a student at the University of Padova, under the guidance of Alberto Gaspari Sensei with the technical supervising of Tada Hiroshi Sensei. Her passion for the Art grew outright, and she started attending several seminars organized by Aikikai d'Italia and practicing in every occasion both in Italy and abroad. I dan Aikikai So Hombu in 2001
II dan Aikikai So Hombu in 2004
(La Spezia, H. Hosokawa Sensei)
After discovering Jōdō during a weapon seminar with Hosokawa Hideki Sensei, she started looking for specific shools of that Art. Fundamental was the encounter with Lorenzo Trainelli (Ryū no Ibuki Dōjō, Monza) and Daniele Romanazzi (Takehaya Dōjō, Rome-IT), pionieers of Shintō Musō Ryū Jōdō in Italy. They gave her the opportunity to know Pascal Krieger Sensei in 2002, during a multi-disciplinary seminar in Les Iles de Lerins (France). The same year she became a member of the European Jōdō Federation (FEJ). I dan SMR Jōdō in 2008
(Guadarrama-ES, P. Krieger Sensei)
II dan SMR Jōdō in 2010
(Tata-HU, P. Krieger Sensei)
Oku-iri Sho SMR Jōdō in 2011
(Zinnowitz-DE, P. Krieger Sensei)
III dan SMR Jōdō in2014
(Boson-SE, P. Krieger Sensei)
Shoden FEJ in 2015
(Ginevra-CH, P. Krieger Sensei)
Sho-mokuroku SMR Jōdō in 2016
(El Collell-ES, P. Krieger Sensei)
Since then she attended several multi-disciplinary seminars of Aikidō, Jōdō and Iaidō, under the guidance of Malcolm Tiki Shewan, René Van-Droogenbroeck (VDB), Stéphane Benedetti, Daniel Leclerc, who all crucially contributed, and still contribute, to enrich her practice, thanks to the deepening of the studies of the Arts and the effects of their complementarity.
All that led her to face changes and new developments, among which the approach to Aikidō Shumeikan school of Tamura Nobuyoshi Sensei (2004), her membership in Aikidō Shumeikai Italia association since its establishment (2005), as well as her approach to Musō Shinden Ryū Iaidō (within the European Iaidō Federation, FEI, 2004), and to Shodō.
III dan Aikidō in 2008
(Shumeikai Italia, Caldes d'Estract-ES, S. Benedetti Sensei)
(Aikikai So Hombu, La Colle sur Loup-FR, N. Tamura Sensei)
IV dan Aikidō in 2013
(Shumeikai Italia and Aikikai So Hombu, Trieste-IT, S. Benedetti Sensei and Y. Yamada Semsei)

I dan MSR Iaidō in 2006
(La Colle sur Loup-FR, M.T. Shewan Sensei)
II dan MSR Iaidō in 2011
(Rome-IT, D. Leclerc Sensei)
III dan MSR Iaidō in 2016
(Geneve-CH, P. Krieger Sensei)
Shoden FEI in 2016
(Geneve-CH, P. Krieger Sensei)
IV dan MRS Iaidō in 2018
(Ginevra-CH, M° M.T. Shewan)
Chūden FEI in 2018
(Ginevra-CH, M° M.T. Shewan)
Initiated to the Japanese Calligraphy by Mio Takada in 2005, she continued her studies under the supervision of Pascal Krieger Sensei, joining the Tōka Shoin school of Tōkyō since 2007, guided by Saito Isoji Sensei. II dan Shodō in 2008 (ko-fude)
III dan in 2009 (ko-fude)
IV dan in 2013 (ko-fude)
V dan in 2014 (ko-fude)
VIII dan in 2015 (ko-fude)
IX dan in 2018 (ko-fude)
JunJū dan (half X) in 2020 (ko-fude)
IV dan in 2010 (futsu-fude)
V dan in 2011 (futsu-fude)
VI dan in 2015 (futsu-fude)
She proposed regular Aikidō and Jōdō courses at the University Sporting Centre (CUS) of the University of Padova from autumn 2004 until spring 2014, with the basic idea to offer an opportunity to students to approach and study the Martial Ways beside other competitive sports. Since September 2014 she moved all courses to Yoshitaka Center ASD in Padova and proposes regular classes of Aikidō, Jdōō, Iaidō and Shodō.