Aki no Gassuku 2021

Autumn Budo seminar: Aikido – Jodo – Iaido

1-3 October 2021, Tenuta “La Selva dei Colli”, Mosciano Sant’Angelo (TE), Italy

with R. Iannelli, D. Romanazzi, M.R. Valluzzi

SMR Jodo in Danzica (PL)

Maria Rosa Valluzzi

Go-mokuroku, Chuden FEJ

Danzica (PL)

10-12 December 2021

Seminar of Shodo & SMR Jodo


M.R Valluzzi

Bari (Italy), 17-19 December 2021

Sei-to-Do Aikido Dojo Bari

Info: https://fb.me/e/1lRnOYAmm?ti=wa

Les Iles seminar 2022

Multidisciplinary seminar : Jodo - Iaido - Aikido

with G. Tache, D. Boetti, D. Romanazzi

and atelier of Japonaise calligraphy

with M.R. Valluzzi and  M. & J. Ponsot

26-29 May 2022, Les Iles des Lerins (Cannes, France)

Italian Budo Seminar 2022

Intensive seminar of Budo and Japanese calligraphy

with L. Trainelli, D. Romanazzi, M.R. Valluzzi              

Scheggia (PG), 14-17 Luglio 2022


Registrations open! (see flyer)

La Colle Aikido/Iaido/Jodo seminar

La Colle sur Loup (France)

21-27 August 2022

An intensive week of pratice with qualified Aikido/Iaido/Jodo teachers.

Do not miss it! 

Muso Shin Den Ryu Iaido / Kenjutsu seminar
Iaido/Kenjutsu  •  J.M.. Spothelfer
S. Pietro di Stra (Ve)  •  June 04 - 05, 2022


Saturday 10.00-12.30 / 15.00-17.30

Sunday 9.30-12.30

Pre-registration mandatory at https://forms.gle/W6TFrQhwT37PEt4p9

(see flyer for details)


Tsuki Kage Dojo Tsuki Kage Dōjō ASD
Affliated AICS and appointed by CONI
Shumeikai Italia Tsuki Kage Dōjō is a member of the dōjō ass.
Shumeikai Italia
Higashi No Yume Tsuki Kage Dōjō is twinned with
Higashi No Yume Dōjō
Mutokukai Europe Tsuki Kage Dōjō is a member of the dōjō network
Mutokukai Europe
Doka # 92
Master the divine techniques
Of the Art of Peace,
And no enemy
Will dare to
Challenge you.

Ōsensei Morihei Ueshiba
(I canti della Via)
Visits since May 25, 2010
Aikido Jodo Iaido Shodo


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